Everything You Need To Know About Banking Your Baby’s Cord Blood

newborn baby

Cord blood banking is one of the best options available for protecting your child and his or her siblings from disease. By storing your child’s umbilical cord blood, you are preserving their stem cells in the event they need to be used in the future. But what exactly is cord blood banking, and why should […]

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DNA Testing Can Detect Risk of Breast and Ovarian Cancer

receiving care for cancer

Two of the most dangerous diseases that impact a large number of women across the United States are breast cancer and ovarian cancer. With hundreds of new diagnoses made every day, it is vital that these cancers are detected early to ensure that they are treated properly and in time. But with many symptoms of […]

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Top 5 Locations to Babymoon in the U.S.

A pregnant couple enjoy themselves in a beautiful location.

Bringing a baby home is an exciting time for couples. Little ones always bring joy, and more happiness than new parents could ever have imagined. After not too long, mommies and daddies may begin feeling stressed from lack of sleep, and all of the hard work that goes into caring for a newborn. Before the […]

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Your Family’s DNA: Why Should You Store It?

dna double helix

A doctor can tell a lot about a person from examining his or her DNA, detailing everything from hair and eye color and potentially their risk of developing cancer. Researchers predict that in the near future, DNA genome testing will be a routine medical procedure. Storing family DNA in a storage bank allows for a […]

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25 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy


Trying for a baby? There are a number of factors you should consider to ensure your pregnancy and your newborn baby will be as healthy as possible. From your (and your infant’s) physical health to mental health, here are the best ways to maintain a healthy and happy pregnancy. 1. Upset stomach? Doctors suggest eating […]

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Cord Blood Saves Leukemia Patient’s Life

Leukemia patient

Researchers first discovered in the 1970s that a newborn’s umbilical cord blood contains special stem cells that can be tremendously helpful in treating certain medical conditions. Today, doctors and researchers are still learning about the effective uses of cord blood. For Amanda Canale, umbilical cord blood meant her life. At the age of 23, she […]

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What to Wear When You’re Expecting: A Pregnancy Style Guide

what to wear expecting

Throughout each stage of your pregnancy, you will face a number of style challenges. It’s not always easy to think about fashion with so much on your mind and so many changes happening to your body. However, if you want to keep your style alive, you still have options. There will be a limit to […]

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9 Adorable Photos to Take on Baby’s First Day

Newborn and mom photo idea

Even if it’s a day you’ll never forget, your baby’s arrival will probably seem like a blur. Sometimes, photographs are necessary to jog some of those blissful memories. Here are nine must-take pictures you’ll want to snap on the day your baby is born—and look back on for years to come.  1. The baby + parents […]

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Cord Blood Banking Q&A: Answers to 8 Frequently Asked Questions

Why You Should Bank your Child's Cord Blood

Thanks to recent successes in the field of stem cell research, parents are more aware of their cord blood banking options. Over 30,000 cord blood transplants have been performed since 1988, and parents are discussing their cord blood banking options more and more.While this increased attention has helped save lives and advance stem cell research, […]

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