Cord Blood Banking Q&A: Answers to 8 Frequently Asked Questions

Why You Should Bank your Child's Cord Blood

Thanks to recent successes in the field of stem cell research, parents are more aware of their cord blood banking options. Over 30,000 cord blood transplants have been performed since 1988, and parents are discussing their cord blood banking options more and more.While this increased attention has helped save lives and advance stem cell research, […]

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Cord Blood Stem Cells Used to Regrow Heart Valves


Amazing advances have been made in stem cell therapy, with new applications being discovered every year. While engineering tissue using stem cells is still in the early stages of development, experts are predicting revolutionary treatments in the future. One of the most exciting prospects is using stem cells to repair and regrow components of the […]

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Family’s Guide to CorCell Cord Tissue Storage

Saving Cord Tissue Stem Cells: What Are Your Options? Saving cord tissue stem cells alongside cord blood stem cells gives your family the most options when it comes to current and future therapies. Preservation of cord tissue mesenchymal stem cells is very different than cord blood hematopoietic stem cell preservation. Parents should know what methods […]

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Life Before Kids vs. Life After Kids (INFOGRAPHIC)


Many soon-to-be parents wonder what their lives are going to be like A.C. — after children. They envision a Leave It To Beaver-type of family, always clean and smiling and cheerful. Don’t put your pearls on yet, June Cleaver. There’s a lot more to parenthood than you might be expecting. Here’s a brief before-and-after glimpse […]

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Public Cord Blood Banking: The Hidden Pitfalls For Families


Trying to decide whether to send your baby’s cord blood to a public or private cord blood bank? Since private cord blood banking requires a financial investment, and public banking is free, you may be tempted to donate your child’s cord blood to a public bank. Parents should know their options regarding cord blood. If you’re planning […]

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Prenatal Yoga Poses: Safe Yoga Stretches for Each Stage of Pregnancy

pregnancy yoga

Yoga is a great (and safe!) way for pregnant women to increase muscle strength and flexibility in preparation for the birthing process. Here are six yoga postures to get you started: Yoga No-Nos: 3 Poses and Stretches to Avoid While it goes without saying that you should avoid any poses that could result in falls […]

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The 6 Best Teas to Drink While Pregnant


Many pregnant women avoid tea due to concerns about caffeine consumption. The caffeine content in herbal tea, however, is low enough that expecting moms have nothing to fear. In fact, drinking herbal tea while pregnant can have significant health benefits. Tea helps keep the body hydrated, contains antioxidants and vitamin C, and can even help […]

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5 Cord Blood Banking Facts Every Parent Should Know


Type “cord blood banking facts” into Google and you’ll likely be inundated with a wealth of information. Much of it may be contradictory, misleading or even inaccurate. This can be overwhelming, especially for soon-to-be-parents. Expecting moms and dads have enough to worry about as it is without having to scroll through endless pages of cord […]

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