7 Things Kids Do That Drive Parents Crazy (As Told Through Twitter):


Kids do the most precious things. They put their clothes on backward and mispronounce words and run around in their parents’ shoes. They’re also a little weird. Young ones have always been testing their parents’ patience. Here are seven things that absolutely drive Mom and Dad up the wall.  1. Cry for no reason They’re […]

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How Stem Cells May One Day Be Used to Strengthen Muscles in the Elderly


It is an unfortunate fact the recovery time following an injury or surgical procedure increases as we age. This is because as we get older the stem cells responsible for repairing muscle damage lose their ability to generate new muscle fibers. But a promising new study from Stanford University’s Baxter Laboratory for Stem Biology indicates that […]

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6 Clever Tips for Making Your Pregnancy More Comfortable


We previously shared ingenious parenting hacks for new moms and dads, but what about pregnancy hacks to make life easier while you await your baby’s arrival? Here are six helpful tricks to make expecting just a bit easier. 1. Morning Sickness? Eat watermelon Eating might be the last thing you want to do if you’re […]

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Are You Pregnant? 6 Early Signs That May Mean You’re Expecting [Infographic]

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 3.03.16 PM

Many women find themselves asking the question “Am I pregnant?” and unfortunately, our bodies don’t answer that question with flashing lights and confetti. Instead, we have to rely on changes in our body and hormones. Yippee! Here are six symptoms that may just mean you’re expecting. Bring on the swollen breasts! Once you’ve found out […]

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Cord Blood Saves Young Girl From Permanent Brain Injury


When Sparrow Morris’ parents decided to save their daughter’s cord blood, they had no idea what a life-saving choice they were making. Sparrow was the fifth of eight children in her family and the first of her siblings to have her cord blood collected at birth and stored at a cord blood banking facility for […]

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The 5 W’s of Cord Blood Banking


Your baby’s cord blood and cord tissue stem cells contain great healing power that can potentially save his or her life. You only have one chance to save these stem cells for future use. Here are the 5 basics of cord blood banking. 1. Why Bank Cord Blood and Tissue Stem Cells? Protect your baby’s […]

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Cord Blood Is Tax Deductible! And 6 Other Tax Tips For Parents


Raising a happy, healthy child isn’t cheap. Luckily, the federal government recognizes how expensive parenting can be and has found ways to offer much-needed financial relief at tax time. To help you take advantage of all the tax credits and deductions available to parents – including a deduction for cord blood – we’ve prepared a […]

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