Referral Rewards

 Referring your friends benefits you, benefits them, and their babies

If you refer a friend who stores cord blood with CorCell, we’ll send you a $200 check,* and your friend will receive a $200 discount on the enrollment fee.** You will feel good knowing you are providing your friends with valuable information that could help protect their child’s future health. You don’t have to be a CorCell customer to take advantage of Referral Rewards.

To refer a friend, call 1-888-882-2673 or complete the form below.

A FREE, No-Obligation Information Packet will be sent to your friend.

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***To keep your referral informed, Corcell will email them updates, promotions and information.

****One of our trained stem cell representatives may call your referral at the phone number(s) you provide to discuss options for safeguarding their baby’s stem cells.

*We will mail the check once the referee’s cord blood is processed and stored. If the friend is already a CorCell customer you are not eligible for the check and they are not eligible for the referral discount.

**Maximum discount is $550. If you are a member of a participating insurance company the $200 enrollment discount may be combined with your insurance discount. Offer not available to participants of CorCell’s Afford-A-Cord™ program and cannot be combined with CorCell promotional discounts.

You cannot refer the other parent of your child through the Referral Rewards program to receive the referral discount and check.

Referral Rewards Program is subject to change or end at any time without notice.


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