Insurance Partners

More and more, health plan sponsors are beginning to recognize umbilical cord blood and stem cell preservation as a worthwhile commitment to protect and support a healthy life for your children and your family.

If you or your employer is enrolled with one of our healthcare insurance partners, then you are entitled to preferred pricing when you enroll with the CorCell® program.

Our current healthcare partners listed below have also negotiated a special program for you to save cord blood for your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, friend or other loved one. To learn more about your savings for the CorCell® Saving Baby’s Cord Blood® Program, call CorCell at (888) 882-2673.

CorCell savings are available to ALL members of the following healthcare insurance partners*:

*The list above does not include all our insurance partners. Please call for a comprehensive list of all our insurance partner discounts.

If you are a benefit administrator, insurer or employer interested in learning more about cord blood stem cell banking with CorCell, please visit our Contact Us page for the representative in your area.

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