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Members Save $650 on Cord Blood Banking

Regence BlueShield has partnered with CorCell to offer their members $850 in savings when they bank their baby’s cord blood and/or tissue through CorCell’s Saving Baby’s Cord Blood® Program.

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity for Your Child

The five minutes it takes to save a child’s umbilical cord blood could prove to be a once in a lifetime opportunity to protect your child from a growing number of life threatening diseases.

Cord blood stem cells are now being used to treat more than 80 life-threatening diseases with many more on the horizon. Sadly, cord blood is often discarded at birth and lost forever.  But now, like so many new parents, you can safely store it for the unexpected.

Cord Blood Benefits for Siblings

Siblings may be able to use cord blood as well should it be required. Siblings need to be an HLA match for a cord blood transplant.

  • 25% chance of being a perfect match
  • 50% chance of being a partial match
  • 25% chance of being no match

Potential future uses for cord blood include:

  • Autism (1 in 88 children are diagnosed with Autism in the United States)
  • Brain Injury (564,000 children treated for brain injuries in the emergency room)
  • Cerebral Palsy (A leading cause of childhood onset disability)
  • Type 1 Diabetes (15,000 children are diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes every year)

Any member enrolled in a Regence BlueShield health plan is eligible for the CorCell discount. In addition, you can give the gift of cord blood preservation to your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, friend or other loved one.

Learn More about Cord Blood Banking with CorCell

Please contact CorCell with any questions at (888) 882-2673

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Regence BlueShield has negotiated discounts for members who elect to obtain certain services from CorCell Company, Inc. through the Regence Advantages program.  CorCell is an independent and separate company from Regence BlueShield.  CorCell Program services are provided solely by CorCell and are not a covered benefit of Regence BlueShield.  Regence makes no representation that it will provide insurance coverage to members for treatments for which the CorCell Program may be utilized.

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