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25 Inspirational Pregnancy Quotes and Sayings

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While being pregnant can be a trying and oftentimes uncomfortable experience, there are moments when being pregnant feels so magical and thrilling that we never want it to end. One thing is for certain: there’s no other experience in life like it. Here are 25 quotes that capture the joys and pitfalls of the nine months that for better or for worse, will change your life forever. 1. To be pregnant is to be vitally…

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Five Myths about Cord Blood Banking and Cord Tissue Banking

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1. Collecting cord blood is dangerous for the baby at birth. There is absolutely no truth to this. Collecting the cord blood begins right after clamping and cutting the umbilical cord. What’s key is to collect as much of the cord blood as possible. The sample must meet a minimum threshold to be considered worthy of storage. The other option to consider along with banking cord blood is collecting tissue. These are stem cells that…

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Canadian Researchers to Use Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Trial for Multiple Sclerosis

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In a previous blog, we mentioned a news report that described how China had recently made headway using mesenchymal stem cells to treat spinal cord injury. Now, in Canada, a clinical trial is underway that will explore how mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) may one day be used to treat multiple sclerosis (MS). The double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, which has been funded by a $4.2M grant, is currently recruiting MS patients in Winnipeg, Canada and the…

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14 Things a Nursery Does Not Need

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When you’re expecting your first child, one of the biggest temptations you’ll face is the urge to buy every single piece of newborn gadgetry known to man. While it’s natural to want to fill your house with furniture and toys that will keep your baby safe and happy, be wary of falling for advertising traps and purchasing items you do not need. A baby bathtub thermometer may seem like a cool invention, for example, but…

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Watching These Men Find Out They’re Going to Be Fathers for the First Time Is Beautiful and Touching

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Learning you’re about to become someone’s parent for the first time is one of those magical milestones that you’ll cherish forever. The men featured in this Dove commercial are lucky to have had those precious moments captured on film. One of the most touching parts during this minute-long video happens when one of the men throws his flowers in the air in excitement. “You’re pregnant?” he asks, surprise and wonder flashes across his face before…

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Pregnant to Baby in 90 Seconds: Cute Time-Lapse Video Shows Off Woman’s Pregnancy and Her Adorable Dogs

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This cute couple and their two loveable dogs have been the stars of numerous YouTube videos. Their latest 90-second clip is a time-lapse video of the woman’s pregnancy, from the first reveal through to the arrival of the baby and everything in between (don’t worry, the actual birth is not shown in the video!). The real stars of the video are, as usual, the couple’s German Shepard, Dunder, and his little friend Munster. Meet the…

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What are the odds my children will use their cord blood?

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Cord blood stem cells have been used to treat a variety of life-threatening illnesses for over 25 years. In fact, the National Marrow Donor Program reports to have facilitated more than 55,000 stem cell transplants since beginning operation in 1987. However, despite the high number of successful transplants and the documented benefits of umbilical cord blood, some may wonder: What are the odds my child will ever need to use his or her cord blood…

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Cord Blood Banking and Adoption: What Adoptive Parents Need to Know

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Many parents looking to adopt assume cord blood banking is not an option. This, however, is a common misnomer. While the process may be slightly more complicated, due to the necessity to consult with both the birth mother and adoption agency beforehand, if you plan ahead, cord blood banking is a viable option for adopting parents. Here are a few things to keep in mind: 1. The birth mother must provide written consent While the…

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7 Facts About Breastfeeding I Wish Someone Had Told Me

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Admittedly, I was likely more clueless about breastfeeding than most new moms. I hadn’t read a lot about it prior to giving birth, because to be honest, the idea of nursing another human being weirded me out. After giving birth to my son and experiencing the breastfeeding process in all of its uncomfortable and magical glory; however, I wish I had bitten the bullet and done some research or asked more questions. Here are a…

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Stem Cells May Hold Key to Type Two Diabetes Treatment

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The results of a recently published study suggest stem cells could be an effective treatment option for type 2 diabetes. Although human trials will need to be conducted before any concrete conclusions can be made, scientists are hopeful the results of this study will lead to more research into how stem cells can decrease diabetes patients’ risk of developing heart or kidney problems.  The Study In order to analyze the affect stem cells might have…

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