What are the odds my children will use their cord blood?

baby and parents

Cord blood stem cells have been used to treat a variety of life-threatening illnesses for over 25 years. In fact, the National Marrow Donor Program reports to have facilitated more than 55,000 stem cell transplants since beginning operation in 1987. However, despite the high number of successful transplants and the documented benefits of umbilical cord […]

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Cord Blood Banking and Adoption: What Adoptive Parents Need to Know

cord blood and adoption

Many parents looking to adopt assume cord blood banking is not an option. This, however, is a common misnomer. While the process may be slightly more complicated, due to the necessity to consult with both the birth mother and adoption agency beforehand, if you plan ahead, cord blood banking is a viable option for adopting […]

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7 Facts About Breastfeeding I Wish Someone Had Told Me

things I wish someone had told me about breastfeeding

Admittedly, I was likely more clueless about breastfeeding than most new moms. I hadn’t read a lot about it prior to giving birth, because to be honest, the idea of nursing another human being weirded me out. After giving birth to my son and experiencing the breastfeeding process in all of its uncomfortable and magical […]

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Stem Cells May Hold Key to Type Two Diabetes Treatment

stem cells diabetes

The results of a recently published study suggest stem cells could be an effective treatment option for type 2 diabetes. Although human trials will need to be conducted before any concrete conclusions can be made, scientists are hopeful the results of this study will lead to more research into how stem cells can decrease diabetes […]

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18 Things to Love About Being Pregnant

things to love about being pregnant

While there may be a lot to dislike about being pregnant (back pain, morning sickness or annoying comments from strangers), there’s far more to love about it. Read on to discover some of our favorites: 1. Diet worries are now a thing of the past. Now you can welcome the extra weight gain because not only […]

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11 Weird Facts about Newborn Babies You May Be Surprised to Learn

Strange baby facts

A lot happens in the first year of a baby’s life! Prepared to be astounded and maybe more than a little grossed out. 1. A newborn’s eyes are almost as big as an adult’s If you’ve ever made eye contact with a baby and had the thought “Wow, that kid’s eyes look huge!” your eyesight […]

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6 Things to Consider Before Choosing an Unusual Baby Name

Jack Daniel Baby Name

There is a lot to love about a unique and out-of-the-box name. A unique name makes for a great conversation starter, it decreases the odds of school supply mix-ups and a one-of-a-kind name can lay the foundation for an interesting and uncommon life. After all, it’s hard to imagine the Apples and Blue Ivy’s of […]

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