11 Weird Facts about Newborn Babies You May Be Surprised to Learn

Strange baby facts

A lot happens in the first year of a baby’s life! Prepared to be astounded and maybe more than a little grossed out. 1. A newborn’s eyes are almost as big as an adult’s If you’ve ever made eye contact with a baby and had the thought “Wow, that kid’s eyes look huge!” your eyesight […]

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6 Things to Consider Before Choosing an Unusual Baby Name

Jack Daniel Baby Name

There is a lot to love about a unique and out-of-the-box name. A unique name makes for a great conversation starter, it decreases the odds of school supply mix-ups and a one-of-a-kind name can lay the foundation for an interesting and uncommon life. After all, it’s hard to imagine the Apples and Blue Ivy’s of […]

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6 Things to Do The Moment You Find Out You are Pregnant

ultrasound photo

Congrats! You’ve just received the big news: You’re expecting! Now what? There is a lot you’ll need to do in the early days and months of pregnancy. While there are the obvious tasks to undertake, like quitting smoking (if you haven’t already), eliminating alcoholic beverages from your diet, and avoiding potentially harmful foods like sushi […]

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Choosing a Private Cord Blood Bank: 5 Questions You Should Ask First

cord blood

With numerous cord blood banks to choose from, and each facility claiming to be the “best cord blood bank” in the country, it can be tough to decide which bank best fits your needs. Adding to the difficulty is the fact that this decision has the potential to affect the future health of not only […]

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How to Prepare Your Dog for Your Baby’s Arrival

puppy and baby

While first-time pregnancies can be exciting, they can also be overwhelming. There is a lot that needs to get done and not a lot of time in which to do it all. Frequently, in our haste to baby proof the house, outfit the nursery and enroll in parenting classes, we overlook another, perhaps equally important […]

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Fascinating! What Babies Learn Before They are Born

newborn baby

Recent advancements in technology have allowed scientists to study what had previously been a mystery: what babies learn in the womb. Now doctors have discovered that fetuses learn a number of skills they will need for survival outside their mothers uterus (like breathing or language acquisition, for example) during the final trimester of pregnancy. The […]

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Life-Threatening Diseases That Can Be Treated With Stem Cells

diseases cord blood can treat

For nearly 50 years, stem cells have been utilized to treat a number of diseases. By harnessing the power of these versatile cells, disorders that affect millions of people can now be treated more effectively. With new applications for stem cells being discovered by the day, here are some of the most prevalent disorders that […]

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