8 Things Only Moms Will Understand

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Motherhood not only bonds mothers to their children, but to each other. Like members of a secret society, moms are the only people who can ever understand certain things. Moms, we know that you can relate to the following items.

1. You never get enough credit


Being a mom is a full-time job, except unlike every other job, this one doesn’t pay.

2. Your purse is multifunctional


If you think it’s hard to find your keys now, just wait until your purse transforms into a portable baby kit. On the plus side, constantly carting around candy and snacks means you’ll have a ready supply of munchies on hand in case they work up an appetite.

3. You have the magic touch


Forget wizards, witch doctors, magicians, genies or any other famous healers, no one has the power to solve any problem quite like Mom.

4. You can hear a pin drop from miles away


Part German Shepherd and part superhero, moms can see and hear all. Much like losing one sense can strengthen the others, gaining a child will magically heighten the senses and transform regular humans into SuperMoms.

5. Sleep deprivation is a way of life


Of course, magnified senses can make sleeping quite difficult. How can you catch a few z’s when your ears and eyes are on permanent high alert?

6. Comfort trumps fashion


Comfy pants are the signature fashion item of moms everywhere. Whether rocking plaid pajama bottoms or classing it up with a fancier yoga pant, one thing is sure: moms love elastic waists. After carrying a human inside of you for 9 months, you certainly deserve a little wiggle room.

7. Your moments alone are like holidays


Those yoga pants aren’t going to buy themselves. Moms might not have the time or energy to jet off on an actual vacation, but heading to the store for some solo shopping can definitely feel like one. Besides, when you’re that sleep deprived, who can even tell the difference between Walmart and a beach?

8. You’ll do anything for your kids


Hey, anything to protect your child from being described as the “snot-nosed kid,” right?

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What are some other things that only moms would get? Leave a comment and let us know!


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