Get the most from your stem cells

With a section of your baby’s cord tissue cryogenically frozen, all of the cells are stored. Nothing is lost, and the stem cells found within the cord tissue can potentially be isolated and expanded using future techniques.

Isolating the stem cells prior to cryogenic freezing and expanding them immediately means that more stem cells are ready for treatment immediately without delay due to the isolation process.

Cord tissue derived mesenchymal stem cells have the potential to be the future of regenerative medicine, and cryogenically storing them alongside cord blood gives your family access to potential future therapies. When it comes to saving your baby’s cord tissue stem cells, you are generally given two options:

  • Cryogenically store a segment of the umbilical cord or
  • Isolate and expand mesenchymal stem cells prior to cryogenically freezing

IsoCell™ performs both procedures simultaneously.