Collecting cord blood is painless and safe for both mother and baby. Our high-yielding cord blood collection procedure is simple, safe and reliable for your healthcare provider to perform.

Here’s how the CorCell process works:

Step One:
Receive your kit

Your CorCell Collect-A-Cord kit, featuring everything your health care provider will need, will arrive via mail with easy to understand instruction packets for both parents and the delivery team. All you have to do is bring it with you to your delivery.

The Collection Kit

Step Two:
The baby's delivery

Your birthing plan will not be altered in any way. Cord blood and tissue collection is a safe and simple process.

Step Three:
Rapid & Secure Transit

Our third party courier team members handle the medical shipments.

Step Four:
Arrival & Processing

Cord blood and tissue is processed in a third party laboratory to maximize its integrity.

Step Five: Storage

Cord blood and tissue is carefully brought from room temperature to storage temperatures using an automated controlled rate freezer. After reaching the appropriate temperature, the specimen is then transferred to long-term storage in vapor-phase nitrogen tanks.

Step Six:
The Retrieval

Strict procedures controls for sterility and purity ensure quality processing and storage, identification and viability of the specimen for use as a medical therapy in the future.